Is Erection Size Important to Women?

Is Erection Size Important to Women?

Published by Stella Paris (BSc. Radiography(Hons)) Stella Paris is a sex advice blogger. She is also a TV presenter on the British channel Babestation TV, a published model, actress and Instagram influencer. Stella is a fitness enthusiast, loves spending time with her on Jan 11th 2021

The bigger, the better. This phrase is commonly thrown around. But is bigger really better when referring to peen size?

Women have always compared their breasts, waist and butt sizes to those of celebrities, even more so now with the popularity of social media influencers and reality TV stars. As we became a more digitally and internet-based global society, porn has also become more easily accessible and has become a daily part of an average male’s life. Men increasingly started comparing their schlong size to those of the professional performers and some even became obsessed about how to grow it even if it was of a considerable size. Some even go through daily penis stretching exercises, called jelqing, which may cause more harm than good.

Because of that commonly and overused phrase, “the bigger, the better” some men do not feel their size is adequate as they assume they are not worthy and not big enough to satisfy a woman. Most think that women want the same sizes as they see in the porn movies or else they will not be fulfilled. Penis size has become an increasingly sensitive subject to men and their egos. Those that assume that all females want big dicks tend to lose their confidence, which may lead to anxiety between the sheets. Feeling anxious in bed, with negative thoughts racing through your head will naturally only make it even worse as the magic rod will refuse to reach that natural maximum erection size.

To state some facts and digits, when women on a case study were asked which cock size they preferred, the average preferred sizes were 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in girth. This disappoints most men as the average global male penis size is 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth. Contrary to popular belief, most porn stars do not have a dick bigger than 7.5 inches. Schlong size is made to look larger by clever angles and also in comparison to a female porn star with small hands, mouth and pussy. As I write this I smile, as I am thinking a lot of readers will be curious to know what peen sizes I prefer. So, for those who are salivating over those digits, if you necessarily need them, I’ll go for between 5 inches and 7 inches in length. Does this mean that if I am dating someone, and I find that they have a 4-inch cock or an 8-incher I am going to hysterically run for the hills? The answer is no.

I will now describe some personal experiences so you can understand the concept better. I will go back to when I was 22. At the time, I recall I was very adventurous. I had just found my freedom, after splitting up with my first boyfriend, the guy whom I lost my virginity to at 19. That Summer, I had a fling with a man in his 30s, called Nino. He was tall, dark, handsome, and very popular with the ladies. He was a very good lover, had a very good hip thrust rhythm going and sex with him was very passionate and almost addictive. Nino’s cock was a 4-incher. Most will say that is small, yet he was always rock hard, throbbing and his confidence and bedroom skills were A class. Our relationship, however, soon came to an end. Was it because he was too small? Oh not at all! Sex was the only amazing aspect of that relationship and that was the problem.

Another experience I have had was with an endowed so-called “blessed” man. He is one of the biggest I have ever had, with just under 8 inches and a very thick girth. Let’s call him Mr.Big. I’m going to go ahead and say it, even if I think you might be distraught by it, but it has to be one of the worst sexual experiences I have ever had. You see, Mr.Big was a very selfish lover. He refused to do foreplay and cunnilingus was a taboo for him. Mr.Big wanted to get straight to business. As he started sliding his cock inside me it felt like my vagina was about to split into two and I ironically wondered if giving birth would feel a little like this. He then commenced to thrust in a very monotonous rhythm which carried on throughout the whole sex session. Mr.Big also made weird facial expressions which really put me off. Needless to say, I refused to meet him again. Was it because he had a too big a schlong for me? Of course not. First of all, I must say I love my clit to be licked. Life without getting cunnilingus would not be a happy one for me. As if that was not enough, the chemistry, the sexual compatibility and the expected mutual pleasure was non-existent.

I also contacted some of my female friends to see what they think about erection size. Emma from the UK, replied with, “Being too small or too big can both be a problem. Overall, I prefer a medium size but the desire for my man to pleasure me is greater than that of a particular erection size. I have had one of the best sexual experiences with a guy who has a small dick. We got into the right position and it was great. Big dick scares me and is definitely not a negotiable”. Sophia, however, says, “For me the bigger, the better as I am more likely to enjoy the ride. It is such a shame when a guy with an amazing personality has a small dick”. She laughs, “If a guy is an asshole but has a big dick, I’ll take the bad”. Jen, a British rose says, “A penis smaller than 4 inches won’t do much for me actually, both visually for my arousal and when it comes to having sex. However, if over 7.5 inches I find it too big physically due to a low cervix, yet such a visual turn-on”. Paulina, a British citizen from Poland says “If it’s too small, there is not enough friction and if it's too big it's too much pain. I like it to be of an average size. For me firmness and rigidity are the most important things”. Laia, a Spanish woman living in Miami says, “I don’t mind too much about the size except when it’s extremes. I care more about thickness and more importantly firmness”.

From my real-life stories and my friend’s honest opinions overall, it is obvious to conclude that penis size as such, what you are born with does not really matter for most women. What matters for us is your ability to reach your maximum potential natural erection size, which can be achieved by taking herbal-based supplements, Chainsaw Mint by Vigor Labs. Yohimbine, the active ingredient within Chainsaw Mint by works on a cellular level within the circulatory and nervous system. It makes the corpora cavernosa fill and swell with blood and trap it within to also maintain a longer erection.

Whatever size you may be, we enjoy the feeling of your full-on erection. It is that rock hard schlong that we truly do adore and the feeling of it throbbing passionately inside us sends us over the edge. We love it when you are confident and love both your body and ours. When you give us lots of attention with your hands, tongue and mouth we are over the moon. Sex is not just about the magic wand either. Us ladies, we like your personality to come through during sex. Nervous thoughts like “Oh, she is thinking I’m too small”, or “She deserves a bigger dick than mine” are only lies your ego is telling you and will influence the erection size.

Besides taking Chainsaw Mint by, I also suggest working on your confidence and self-esteem through affirmations. Meditation also helps keep anxiety, nervousness and self-doubt at bay. Alcohol, drugs and an unhealthy diet put the kibosh on those coveted hard erections so focus on being a better version of yourself through fitness. A plant-based lifestyle has also been proven to improve erection size both in length and girth. Try to avoid using penis pumps, penilizers and forms of so-called jelqing techniques regularly. Besides leading to pain, irritation, scar formation or blood vessel tears, jelqing can desensitize the penis to pleasure. Relying on the power of herbs like yohimbine in Chainsaw Mint , and the power of self-love and positive thinking is the way towards a healthier and more exciting sex life.

If you want your woman to feel extra-stuffed and for her to feel tighter on you, go for positions which create a deeper penetration. A leg up over your shoulder and doggy style (with face down and butt up) usually do the trick. For those more flexible and adventurous go for the pile driver position, also known as halasana or yoga plough pose. Those who are endowed and have a tiny partner, on the other hand want to limit penetration so let her be on top with a seated straddle or reverse cowgirl facing your toes. Reverse spoons (sideways facing each other) and snake position (partner with schlong lying on top of the woman whilst she is face down) are perfect for tiny ladies with big men.

Like women’s vulvas, men’s bits are also unique and if they were all the same size and shape, like factory-made dolls, it would be boring. All women like slightly different looking cocks, so no matter what your cock looks like there’s probably someone who will like it. Enjoy porn for masturbation, entertainment and as a release and don’t become fixated on comparing sizes or copying scenes. Chemistry, enthusiasm and creating your own moves are what make incredible and unforgettable sexual connections and experiences.

A massive phallus isn’t necessary for mind-blowing sex, but confidence, communication and willingness to try new things. Chainsaw Mint by offers you realistic expectations and amazing results to reach the maximum potential size of your erection. The bottom line is to make the most of what you have!   

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