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Do You Use Cannabidiol (CBD) With Supplements?

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You may have heard of CBD oil or powder lately.  CBD is directly derived from the hemp plant.  All 50 states are allowing CBD now to varying degrees.  Touted for its variety of health issues, CBD use is on the rise and if you are going to combine it with other supplements you should be careful to follow the labeling instructions.  Please talk with your doctor if you have any medical conditions and are going to use CBD.  There are no known side effects of using CBD with Vigor Labs supplements, but please consult a physician before starting any workout or dietary supplement regiment.

​How Dietary Supplements Can Nurture a Healthy Lifestyle

Dietary supplements are often considered the best way to help nurture a balanced lifestyle. Whether something is lacking or missing in a particular diet, these supplements can bridge the gap and support many aspects of the human body which may be underperforming.Indeed, if we maintained enough vegetables and fruit in our diets, there would be [...]

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​Deer Antler Velvet: What’s It and What are Its Benefits

If you have been keeping up with sports and bodybuilding news, then you’ve probably heard of deer antler velvet. It’s been keeping tongues wagging for all the wrong reasons, but deer antler velvet surprisingly comes jam-packed with a ton of benefits that can help you take your health, fitness, and overall well-being to the next level.What’s Deer Antler Velvet?It’s [...]

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NEW: Vigor Male Multivitamin (Let's Take a Great Male Multi That Doesn't Overdo It!)

We released Vigor Male Multivitamin today and are excited to round out our offering with a male vitamin support formula that supports overall health.  Some of the vitamins out there today way overdo it and tend to give upset stomachs and extreme yellow urine.  Our formula takes into account what you likely get from your [...]

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NEW PRODUCT: Raw IGF-1™ Is Released!

Vigor Labs has released Raw IGF-1™to satisfy the hardcore lifter or newbie who is looking for that edge in the gym.  Made with real Deer Antler Velvet, Raw IGF-1™ naturally contains IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor).  It is a natural protein the body makes to help growth and repair muscle and bone.  Other ingredients support the [...]

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How do I take Vigor Labs Products? Whats the Best Way?

We get this question a lot from our customers who take multiple products.  Raw HGHWrecking BallsBlack AntlerAll 3 of these are great to take 30 minutes prior to workout and can be taken all at the same time.  If no workout you can take it anytime and they are not loaded with stimulants so you [...]

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Vigor Labs Reviews & Testimonials

Click Here For TestimonialsVigor Labs now has reviews on our testimonials page. These are real reviews from actual users of our products taken from authorized reseller websites. They are pasted word for word so you can see for yourself what other users are saying about our products. Rather than just post all [...]

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Free Vigor Labs Shipping Offer!

Free Shipping If You Order Any 4 Bottles! Check out to order your favorite Vigor Labs male enhancers and get free shipping on any order of $40 or more. It can be any combination of products as long as the total minus shipping is over $40. Raw HGH, Cracked Energy, Black Antler, Ball Refill, Chainsaw, [...]

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