• Does Semen Volume Decrease With Age?

    Jan 22nd 2021

    Does Semen Volume Decrease With Age?

    As you get older, there’s a good chance that you’re going to produce less semen. Men tend to have lower sperm counts as they age, while their seminal vesicles produce less fluid. That means you won…

    Published by Vigor Labs

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  • Is Erection Size Important to Women?

    Jan 11th 2021

    Is Erection Size Important to Women?

    The bigger, the better. This phrase is commonly thrown around. But is bigger really better when referring to peen size?Women have always compared their breasts, waist and butt sizes to those of celebr…

    Published by Stella Paris (BSc. Radiography(Hons)) Stella Paris is a sex advice blogger. She is also a TV presenter on the British channel Babestation TV, a published model, actress and Instagram influencer. Stella is a fitness enthusiast, loves spending time with her

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  • ​What Every Woman Desires

    Dec 17th 2020

    ​What Every Woman Desires

    A man’s performance between the sheets plays a big role in his relationship to keep his woman satisfied and his overall mental health. Most women are too shy to tell their man what they like and want.…

    Published by Stella Paris, BSc. Radiography (Hons), Blogger, Instagram Influencer, published model, actress.

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  • Nov 23rd 2020

    ​Is Ball Refill right for you?

    Sex is an essential part of life, not solely for procreation, but also as an activity that gives us pleasure and mental stability. However, despite being almost guaranteed to most of the human pop…

    Published by Nelly Clarkson. Avid Blogger, Writer and Researcher

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  • Oct 20th 2020

    Does Stamina and Endurance Matter during Sex?

    In a sexual relationship, women hardly speak out on the whats and hows. What they expect out of sexual activity, we expect men to be sex experts, and when they don't satisfy us, it becomes a flaw we h…

    Published by Nelly Clarkson. Avid blogger, researcher, and writer.

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