Does Semen Volume Decrease With Age?

Does Semen Volume Decrease With Age?

Published by Vigor Labs on Jan 22nd 2021

As you get older, there’s a good chance that you’re going to produce less semen. Men tend to have lower sperm counts as they age, while their seminal vesicles produce less fluid. That means you won’t experience anywhere near as large an ejaculation, especially if you’ve got some other health problems as well.

Depending on your general well-being, you might have started to see significant problems as early as age 30. By 50, many men are looking at a relatively serious drop in the amount of semen that they produce.

Fortunately, there are several supplements that might help you get over this uncomfortable hump.

Supplements to Boost Semen Volume and Strengthen Ejaculation

1. Ball Refill (Semen Enhancer & Ejaculation Volumizer)


Ball Refill, whether in its gold or new edition, is the go-to product for any man who needs a once a day formula that supports natural semen production. If you’ve experienced a steady drop over time in the amount of semen that you’re able to ejaculate, then this might be an excellent choice that can also help to improve your climax. Some men have even noted that it can also support their prostate health when used regularly.

2. Gold Stack: Overall Sexual Wellness Package (Orgasm Enhancement, Consistent Erection Support, Sexual Performance)

Men who want to support their overall sexual health and wellness in simultaneous ways might want to look into the Gold Stack, a bundle of three supplements that support the triple benefit of firmer and fuller erections, prostate health, and improved stamina and endurance.

3. Black Snake (Fuller Erection Support)

Consider trying something like Black Snake by itself as well, which was developed to help boost blood flow therefore resulting in fuller and firmer erections.

Many age-related issues are actually dietary in nature. As we get older and busier, we oftentimes resort to a less healthy diet. If this sounds familiar, then making some changes in your diet, while increasing exercise can help to dramatically improve your sex life.

At the same time, you may want to add some general health supplements to your mix so that you can be sure that you’re getting a good mix of vitamins and minerals to support your overall body. In turn, that will eventually help you to enjoy the great seminal output and potentially even more of that spine-tingling sex than you had when you were younger!

Sexual Health & Well-being Supplements

At Vigor Labs, we’ve made sure to develop a comprehensive line of supplements that not only improve semen volume but also provide support for many other sexual health benefits. No matter whether you’re experiencing a drop in volume or desire, or you just want to improve your performance, we have something that can help. Make sure to contact us online and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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