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Naturally Enhancing Sexual Performance for Men

As men age, they tend to produce less and less testosterone. Even those who produce enough of this important sex hormone will eventually begin to absorb so little of it that the absorbed levels become suboptimal.

At Vigor Labs, we have developed a line of supplements designed to help you improve your wellness and health, both in regular life and when things get a little more intimate, by supporting hormone absorption increase. If regardless of your age, you are concerned about your ability to produce and absorb healthy levels of testosterone, you may want to consider the following great options:

Masculine Sexual Health & Wellness Supplements

Ball Refill, which is developed to not only help you have a better erection but also support the natural production of semen, is probably one of the most popular options along with Wrecking Balls. Both of these supplements were developed to support better sexual health at the source so that you feel more ready to perform and have a better climax.

Over time, a number of men may produce less semen volume and feel like the natural production may be increasingly diminishing, especially if they’re also experiencing wet dreams. By taking Ball Refill, you can not only help improve your overall erection but also protect your prostate and therefore the natural production of semen.

Vigor Labs line of male sexual health and wellness supplements comprises a number of products that have been developed to address specific areas of sexual health. Black Snake for a fuller and firmer erection, Ball Refill for not only improving erection but also supporting the natural production of semen, Chainsaw for erection improvement, and support of stamina and endurance, and Wrecking Balls, to support the natural production and absorption of testosterone. Vigor Labs also provides bundle product offerings, such as the Gold Stack, the product stack that supports your sexual health in three different ways.

Sexual health and overall health always go hand in hand. So, if you’re also trying to achieve fitness goals at the same time as your intimate ones, then you might want to look through our complete list of supplements because many of our sexual wellness products can also be used together as part of other stacks. This makes Vigor Labs products complementary and versatile.

For those situations in which you may want to have something readily available and handy for when the situation presents, you might even want to try a sublingual product, such as Chainsaw Mint, if you want to be able to pop something whenever the mood hits you and that special someone.

Restoring Vigor in the Bedroom

Whether you’re dealing with a nutritional issue, concerned about the impact of aging, or just want to improve your bedroom performance, feel free to send an email to and let us know what your health goals are. Our customer service staff will be more than happy to assist with any of your questions or concerns.

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