Testosterone Customer Testimonial Story

Published by R. L. (Vigor Labs Customer) on Jul 20th 2022

One of our customers (he gave us the OK to share his story but not share his name) graciously sent us a short story about his experience with one of Vigor Labs products. Here it is:

Hi, my name is R. L.

I am a 27 years old. I am not a gym buff, but I work out about 2 times a week. I am in OK shape and live an active single life with multiple dates. I eat a good diet and try to take care of myself.

A few months ago, I met this girl that is a real animal in bed. She’s superhot and having sex with her is really out of this world. She wants me to bang her for hours non-stop as she can come multiple times, but really needs a lot of wild action from me to feel fully satisfied.

This all may sound awesome, but I started to notice that she really wanted more than I was able to give her, even though I was trying as hard as possible to be my best. In fact, that was the first time I ever felt that my male sexual power was lacking and to be honest, was losing a little confidence.

I started doing research on ways to improve my performance: exercises, diets…even meditation. Nothing seemed to work the way I was expecting.

One of my buddies told me that even for young guys like me, testosterone levels may decrease because of stress, ageing, and stuff like that and gave me a bottle of a testosterone booster supplement to try.

I started to take them because I had nothing to lose. After a couple weeks, I started noticing that I was able to keep up with my girl’s demands and was having the craziest sexual marathons I’ve ever had.

It turns out the bottle my friend gave to me was Wrecking Balls™ by Vigor Labs! Now I take the product daily and have become a loyal advocate for the product.

I hope you can share this story with others so that they can also boost their sexual mojo just like I have.

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