Lycopene and lutein: A game-changer combination for men

Lycopene and lutein: A game-changer combination for men

Published by Dr. A. Parra. MD. Medical Writer, Blogger, and Sexual Health Researcher on Feb 28th 2022

Interestingly, the attractive colors in fruits are precisely what makes them healthy. We call them carotenoids, and they are pigments in plants that protect them in their environment. In the human body, carotenoids are still active and perform interesting functions. Many have been tried in males and reduce the risk of prostate cancer or may even improve semen quality.

Lycopene and lutein are excellent examples of how a carotenoid should work. So, let’s have a quick review of them and how to include them in your nutrition.

Lutein and why is it important

Lutein is a carotenoid found in vegetables such as spinach and lettuce. It is commonly prescribed for visual health, and it is a potent antioxidant. Besides visual health, it is also helpful to improve some men’s health parameters.

When combined with carrots, lettuce and spinach improve sperm health and quality. Sperm cells are healthier, and their motility improves. These parameters are often associated with testosterone levels, and it is not a coincidence. Lutein also counters testosterone reduction that is so common in men with diabetes.

Lycopene and why it matters

Lutein is an excellent aid for a man’s health, but lycopene is much more popular in that field. This carotenoid is found in tomatoes, strawberries, and all types of red-colored fruits. Doctors would regularly prescribe eating those or looking for a lycopene supplement if you’re at a high risk of prostate cancer.

The prostate grows larger as we age, and the risk of prostate cancer is really high in seniors. Prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia would cause really uncomfortable urinary symptoms. They go as far as reducing your quality of life and your libido as you age, and erectile dysfunction is a common consequence of prostate surgery. So, it is an excellent idea to use lycopene early in life to prevent these problems.

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