​What Every Woman Desires

​What Every Woman Desires

Published by Stella Paris, BSc. Radiography (Hons), Blogger, Instagram Influencer, published model, actress. on Dec 17th 2020

A man’s performance between the sheets plays a big role in his relationship to keep his woman satisfied and his overall mental health. Most women are too shy to tell their man what they like and want. However, we expect our man to be a porn star, a masseuse, a gynecologist, a psychologist, and a telepathic alien all at the same time! That is a lot of jobs and skills!! Wouldn’t it be easier if we communicated better during intimacy instead of leaving our man guessing what we like and wondering where he is failing?

So to answer the most important question… What do women crave for? Just as different people have different hobbies and some like different tastes and scents, all women differ in what they like in bed. Some of us are kinkier. Some of us like it harder or softer. Some like impersonal doggy and some like eye contact. But on some days or even different times of the day we even have different moods because of our menstrual cycle and hormones. Us women are complicated creatures, right? But the most general and common thing that all women want from men is stamina and endurance.

Whereas men take an average of 5 to 7 minutes to orgasm, women take much longer. For women, sex is more than just an act to experience a release at the end. We crave more touch, more attention, more stimulation. The feeling of our man deep inside us makes us feel closer, intimate and at one with him. And we like that feeling to last longer than a few minutes. We enjoy the feeling of our man’s penis massaging us from the inside, assuaging our aching desires and taking the tension away with his pleasure wand. Most of us like to feel the details, our skins rubbing against each other, our bodies throbbing and pulsating into one another, pleasuring each other.

A lot of men want to give more lasting pleasure to their partner, but they are not familiar with edging or do not have any self-control. So, when a man cums within the first few minutes of sexual union, it leaves us sexually and emotionally frustrated, as well as angry. Making a woman, nice and wet, aching to be pumped with your magic rod, only to be left on the side of the bed while you lay sated and content makes us feel abandoned and unappreciated. I personally experience an ache if I don’t get a long enough session and do not get to orgasm. It is the very same as what men experience and call “blue balls”. It is like having worked hard to reach your target, only to fail shy of a few quid, not to make it to the next level!

Low stamina and endurance affect relationships negatively and causes unnecessary tension and stress. Partners might feel unappreciated and inadequate and soon become disinterested in each other. Thankfully, there is hope for those who lack stamina and endurance. Stress and anxiety can affect your sex life so make sure to decrease your levels by doing meditation and taking deep long breaths. Training also helps the cardiovascular system to pump more blood into your joystick and so maintain a harder and longer erection. Going on a healthy vegan lifestyle has also been shown to improve stamina and endurance. In the Netflix documentary, Game Changers, we saw Dr. Aaron Spitz, lead delegate of the American Urological Association carry out an unusual experiment on US college athletes by feeding them meat-based and plant-based meals on different days. The ones who ate vegan meals had erections that lasted almost five times longer and the firmness was up by 13.5% compared to the meat-based athletes. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided as they hinder stamina and endurance. You can also learn to be present and practice tantric sex by controlling your orgasms and masturbating regularly to prevent low stamina. In summary, a healthy diet and exercise can help towards having more fire in the bedroom and longer sex sessions, but they unfortunately may not be enough. One excellent way to complement and enhance those efforts is to take supplements. An excellent dietary supplement that does not contain animal excipients is Chainsaw Mint, a mint flavored supplement that you can get in the form of a sublingual tablet from

Chainsaw Mint by contains yohimbine which is an extract from the bark of an African tree called Pausinystalia johimbe. The reason why this active ingredient is the source of so much pleasure is because it influences the peripheral blood vessels and the central nervous system.

Yohimbine in Chainsaw Mint by gives you the opportunity to reach the full potential of the corpora cavernosa and this increases your penis to its maximum possible natural size. It also helps keep the erection for a longer time as blood is trapped inside. Orgasmic contractions are also even more intense due to more blood in the penis and increased swelling and sensitivity in the muscles. Customers have even reported more fluid ejaculation when using Chainsaw Mint by

You can reap the aphrodisiacal benefits of Yohimbe just 30 minutes after ingestion and the effects can last for up to even 3 hours so you can pleasure your partner more than once or twice in a marathon sex session! Due to the increased blood flow, the penis remains somehow erect even after climax and the refractory period is shortened. And if that is not enough to please any man… and his lover, yohimbine also blocks particular receptors in fat cells, resulting in weight loss.

In one word, Chainsaw Mint by will make you feel like the alpha-man that you are!

Stella Paris (BSc. Radiography (Hons))

Blogger, Instagram Influencer, published model, actress. 

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