Why stamina and endurance matter in a sexual encounter

Why stamina and endurance matter in a sexual encounter

Published by Stella Paris, BSc. Radiography (Hons) Blogger, Instagram Influencer, published model, actress. on Jun 8th 2021

For most women, and also men, a sexual escapade is all about the whole experience and not just the result. This brings to mind the Zen saying, that life is about the journey and not the destination. This, in fact, could not be closer to the truth when speaking about a sexual encounter. Let’s face it, once you have an orgasm, the sexual experience as such is all over, well unless you start again and also that would involve high stamina and endurance!

The ‘journey’, the pleasurable build-up, is the most exciting part of the encounter and the longer it lasts, the more mind-blowing and the more memorable the whole sex session is. I am very certain most men want to leave this powerful impact whether it is with a new lover or a long-term partner they adore.

As a woman who works and hangs out with lots of other beautiful and successful women, I can assure and confirm that coffee-breaks and changing rooms are always filled with echoes of sexual gossip. And you men are mostly always the center of the entertaining small talk unless of course she has had a naughty encounter with another girl. Us outspoken girls tend to get very descriptive and detailed about our experiences, whether it was a good or a bad one. By no means, am I trying to make you nervous or anxious about your performance. I am merely stating a fact and giving you the opportunity to up your game between the sheets, for the satisfaction of your lover as well as yours.

The sexual encounter stories are sometimes extremely exciting, leaving you envious, leaving you wanting something similar, but some come across as very comedic and some even heartbreaking. Recently, while having lunch with a colleague, she told me that her 20-something year old lover had no stamina whatsoever. She described the sexual encounters in a very comical way using two mobile phones to act out their having sex in doggy style. After approximately 30 seconds of thrusting into her he always pauses and huffs and puffs for breath. He then resumes for a few more seconds only to stop and pant once again.

I have also witnessed women who fell in love or became infatuated with a guy before even sleeping with him. After weeks of fantasizing about him and building the encounter in their minds, they are disappointed to find that he either cums too quickly, is selfish or is unfit, and has no stamina at all. The girl is then torn between continuing to see someone that she has feelings for, yet does not give her any satisfaction or just wrap up the whole relationship. If the woman has no feelings for you, you stand no chance. And that is okay if you feel the same way or you do not feel there is a particularly amazing connection or chemistry. Some people are destined to be just like ships passing in the night. But do not let your poor stamina and endurance be the reason for this!

Yohimbine extract in Chainsaw Mint by not only gives you the opportunity for full potential erection size but also helps keep the erection for a longer time due to trapped blood within the corpora cavernosa of the penis. You can reap the effects of Yohimbine just 30 mins after ingesting the capsule and they can even last up to 3 hours so you can pleasure your lover more than once or twice during a sex session. The increased blood flow within the penis keeps it erect even after ejaculation and the refractory period is shortened.

Women take a longer time to orgasm than men, so besides using the Chainsaw Mint supplement, make sure to work on your cunnilingus game and give her lots of attention. Women have plenty of erogenous zones so be attentive to which areas she mostly responds to when you caress her. The wrists, the neck, behind the knees and the glutes are all overly sensitive areas and can melt her and leave her wanting more. While penetrating, also try the art of edging. It is a form of meditation. Enjoy the pleasurable feeling of your cock inside her but don’t make orgasm your purpose. Let the energy flow and the pleasure build up but when you feel like you are getting close, pull out and just focus on her pleasure. After a few minutes you can resume having sex and keep on repeating the cycle of pulling out and resuming penetration. Repeat this until maybe you feel like you cannot handle it anymore or perhaps you can time your orgasm with hers! Do not have sex in silence. Express yourselves with grunts and moans and learn to communicate how you are feeling. Make her feel comfortable in expressing her wants and needs and be giving and generous to her pleasure.

The power of yohimbine extract in Chainsaw Mint by will definitely help with the medical and physical aspects of your sexual performance. If you also apply your emotional intelligence and make an effort to listen and communicate with your partner both by talking or observing how the body reacts, it’s a magical recipe for an exciting and truly satisfying sexual encounter. 

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