​Why Taking Male Enhancement Supplements Makes Sense

​Why Taking Male Enhancement Supplements Makes Sense

Published by Vigor Labs Product Management on Dec 11th 2021

When it comes to men’s sexual health and wellness, most people are inclined to believe that it is all about the instrument of love, most particularly its size and hardness. Although this point of “It’s all about the member” is definitely a factual statement, there are many other dimensions involved in a man’s ability to enjoy a healthy sexual life and to fully satisfy his partner (or partners) sexually.

For instance, semen volume is extremely important as it is one of the most salient indicators of sexual vigor in men. In fact, many women indicate in our market research studies that they really appreciate this aspect of a sexual experience. If you don’t believe me, ask your partner. You will be surprised!

Stamina and endurance are even more important success factors when it comes to performance in the bedroom. Most women do not feel satisfied with a quick and single act. In fact, they would prefer -by a large margin- extensive foreplay with a long crescendo, followed by multiple pleasurable experiences. In a nutshell, sexual marathons are highly desirable by women.

Another point we tend to forget is that sexual health is highly dependent, if not completely, on our overall health. It is almost impossible to achieve top sexual performance if we’re not in top health. Exercise, a good diet, appropriate sleep, and adequate stress management are all significant contributors to staying fit and maintaining good health, and by default, maximizing our sexual performance.

Nutritional supplements are an excellent way to complement your efforts to maintain -and enhance- your sexual performance. One of the challenges these days is to select among the myriad of supplements out there, not only because many of them are poorly formulated, but also because most of them only focus on a single dimension of sexual health, such as hardness, testosterone support, stamina, libido, etc.

One way to remove the guess out of the selection game is to stack supplements in a way that they can cover multiple sexual health enhancement objectives. An excellent choice in that regard is “The Gold Stack” by Vigor Labs. This stack bundles three of Vigor Labs bestselling supplements, each formulated to support a specific dimension of your sexual wellbeing.

The Gold Stack, is the triple deal that works in three different ways:

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