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Wrecking Balls users

1) Verified Forum User:: I would have to say it's probably the best for the price and how long it lasts is one of the best natural test boosters out there. Of course everyone is expecting some kind of magic pill that is going to produce miracle results, but we have to remember as I had to remind myself that this is natural not something like a steroid which is what a lot of us expect from these products. I would recommend anyone give it an honest try especially for the price. –from user name velmtxmaz*

2) Jan 3, 10:19 am: I have used another supplement with Tribulus before and liked the results. So I came across Wrecking Balls and saw that it had a good combination of Tribulus and Zinc with a great price. I'm very happy with the results and how it makes me feel. I can feel increased testosterone without "shrinkage" that you might get from other things. One bottle is a month's supply which means that this is a GREAT value play - you just can't beat that price for the results - I will definitely be ordering again. –user 665Days*

3) Verified Forum User:: Bought this stuff after doing all the new stuff, a50,ahd, pink magic, solid , etc etc To be honest this s__t rocks. I started taking 2 a day but had to cut back because I was just too damn aggressive! I know , hard to believe but if you look at whats in it u can see that its a smart formula, and I can say that this is what I will be reordering! I take this with either jack3d or 1mr and I look as good or better than I did when I was taking all the other s--t,It has made me a whore- dog in the bedroom , wood all the time and I have killer workout and get comments all the time from friends who know me and they ask me what Im taking, that I look good and they can’t believe it when I tell them "wrecking Balls"! Maybe their promotion of their product is a little strange but this is s good test booster and i recommend it. –user corngogger*

4) Verified Forum User: Really good use it pre-game and feel like a beast. Cheap price also good for a pre-workout alternative to nitric oxide. –user Gooch21*

5) Verified Forum User: Noticed good gains while including Wrecking Balls in my stack. Would buy it again. -User Apollo10*

6) Verified Forum User: ingredients baby! smart value play. –user sizematters*

Gut Cut users

1) By Saul the from Houston (verified reviewer)  Take early in the morning and it gives you tons of energy. If you take it before bed it may keep you up. It keeps me feeling full too which is important. I bought this on another site but bought those other Vigor products here. They were good too.*

2) By Frank, from Kokomo, IN  (verified reviewer) Granted I mislead the label, so I may have messed up how it's supposed to work. I took two before each meal instead of just two a day. However, after I lost the first pounds, and I started using this, I cut inches off my waist, and have definitely noticed my belly and rear being smaller. This product works well, and I will probably be getting a refill on it, as well as trying some of the other products.*

3) (Email from verified purchase from website)  Dear Vigor Labs, I wanted to let you know that I had purchased your Gut Cut about a year ago. I was a Firefighter who shattered my ankles in a structure fire on Thanksgiving day 5 years ago and was forced to take early retirement at age 34. I was not able to walk for quite some time and gained approximately 80lbs. I went from 255 to 337. I finally started working out again 2 weeks and started taking your product the first day according to the directions. Today I weigh 321 and feel great!!! I cant believe I lost so much weight so fast. My workout routine is 30min on weights and 30min cardio 6 days a week. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks Again Roger*

4) Verified Customer Shep, Canada: Audio clip of customer/blogger talking about his experience losing weight with Gut Cut:

Black Snake users

1) Verified User P.M. from MA: Two words: Black Snake! I see a noticeable size difference and I have been researching your ingredients and see why it might be the case. I don’t know if its temporary, but definitely worth the money. I am not that big to start so any extra size I can get without hurting myself is worth it. I don’t think those exercises work and they are dangerous according to my doctor. I just started the product last month so I will be sure to update you guys! Thanks.*

2) Verified User S.D. from CA: I tried pumps and Jelqing etc. without success. Black Snake was easier and I definitely got better results naturally. I took it with food and didn’t get any side effects.*

3) Verified Customer John, CT: Audio clip talking about his great experience with Black Snake:

Cracked Energy users

1) Email From Verified Order March: Funny name, had to try Cracked Energy because your other products are great. Cracked gave me some very smooth energy that lasted for most of the day I was very impressed. It didn't make me feel sick like a pint of green energy drink does. Good stuff thanks for the fast shipping too. Peter T.*

2) Verified Forum Review: This is a great product and great price! At my age, 53, but who's counting, I needed a boost, not only for my workouts but right in the middle of my day at work. This really does it for me--enough to get me going. Will definitely recommend it and will buy more. -user name Chazmore*

Black Antler users

1) Verified User: this stuff is awesome i can feel the difference, plus my skin looks younger, and the muscles are pumped up to the fullest.... user name: rojohn2013*

2) Verified Forum Review: If it is good enough for Ray Lewis it's good enough for me!*

3) Panama City FL: Big Johnson youtube channel review

Ball Refill users

1) Verified Forum User: Saw results after first two weeks of taking every day or I should say felt results (wasn't measuring). Started stacking with Wrecking Balls and the gains were very noticalbe no measuring necessary. –user name iamananimal80*

2) Verified Forum User: I see a big difference when I take Ball Refill. I think it effectively "stirs up" whats going on down there and I'm getting some great results. It makes me get the same results I had 15 years ago so I'm pretty happy about that. I'll recommend it to anyone. –user themusclesman*

3) Verified Forum User: Been taking this off and on for about 3 months and all i can say is i can defiantly tell a difference when im taking it and when im not. –user JMorales1369*

4) Verified Forum User: I have tried everything in the catagory. I am a fan of ball refill and the "stack". Totally awesome value, the two products cost less then usually the cost of one. Worked better than anything I have ever taken when taken with Chainsaw. Made me into a superhuman. Would recommend to anyone. Every guy needs to have this in his medicine cabinet. –user guitarfreak1979*

5) Verified Forum User: For the past few months I've been supplementing two products, Ball Refill and ChainSaw and I thought I'd post my results. Ball Refill, as it's name implies , is primarily for semen volume. Before I started supplementing with anything, my volume measured around 2-3 ml (which is about average for a healthy male). It's recommended that you take Ball Refill about 30 minutes before sexual activity. The usual dosage of one capsule contains approximately 349 mg of ingredients, so I decided to take 2 capsules. I definitely noticed a spike my level of horniness , and during arousal I produced more pre-ejaculate than I did without supplementation. At orgasm, I estimate that my volume had increased to about 3-4 ml. After taking the product consistently for about a week (and resisting urges ), my volume was easily above the 5 ml level. Due to the yohimbe in the product, I would recommend not taking more than two capsules simultaneously. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. The nice thing about Ball Refill is that it contains flower pollen extract which has also been shown to dramatically improve volume. I would regularly achieve shots over 10 ml (after abstaining from sex for 48-72 hours, with at least 30 minutes of foreplay). –user Abdominator*

6) Verified Customer/Blogger Randy, IL: Randy reviews Ball Refill here for his followers:

Raw H.G.H users

1) Verified Forum Review: Noticeably harder/denser muscles in 3 weeks. user name: sizematters69*

2) Verified Forum Review: Think I'm taking it right, take every day even if I am not lifting. Take it in the morning non workout days and it is working for me. Sleep is improved, mass is up, and mood is good. I am going to stack it with the Black Antler to recover my joints for repair and strengthening. Taking Raw H.G.H. preworkout 30 min prior like it says on the bottle on workout days. Being in your late 40's makes your H.G.H. levels decline I believe Raw H.G.H. did something for me and am going to stay on it. user name: FullOne*

3) Verified Forum Review: Gonna give this one a 10 it has really helped my training and some of the more experienced older guys I have been reading turned me onto this. The GH release at night is really important when you hit your 30s and I believe this is doing the trick. Deep sleep and good rest for better training are awesome. user name: JohnnyOl*

4) Verified Forum Review: Gains, gains... Good growth booster helps in nighttime recovery and sleep also. Never too old to mess with supporting your GH levels. Feels good. Good supplement. user name: RogerNevada*

5) Verified Purchase On Website: I'm ordering more before its banned! Raw H.G.H. is for real thanks for putting this product out there. I take it with Wrecking Balls and can see a big difference. -Johnny W.*

6) Verified Purchase On Website: I feel much better after workouts now that I take this. I believe it is making my recovery time much less. Maybe I feel a bit younger too thanks again. -Steven G.*

7) Panama City FL: Big Johnson youtube channel review

Chainsaw users

1) Verified Forum User:: Works almost too well. Could be half as potent. I usually open cap and use in two or more doses. –user name gjcyoung*

2) Verified Forum User:: I'm not sure if it was really good because I was also taking ball refill with this. It worked for me, it has yohimbe so if you read about that you know why it will work. It really pumped the blood for me and I don't have any side effects. Works good with alcohol too which is what I recommend using it for. too much whisky can be a problem down there. I rate it 10/10. –user themusclesman*

3) Verified Forum User:: I found it to be quite potent. Whenever I took ChainSaw and Ball Refill simultaneously, I would only take one of each. I never took two Ball Refill while taking one ChainSaw, because of my concerns about Yohimbe amount. Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed are the primary ingredients in ChainSaw, however it also includes Ginkgo Biloba, among others. Within 30 minutes of taking both Ball Refill and ChainSaw, I immediately noticed erections were much easier to achieve. A few times when I took them together, I noticed a "hot flushed" feeling in my skin particularly in my face and back. This was most likely because of the increased blood flow that Horny Goat Weed provides. Not to go into too much detail, but you know the intensity of an erection is awesome when your wife uses the words "steel rod" to describe your performance. The orgasmic contractions were intense and my fluid level was always greater than 5 ml, sometimes 10+ml (however not all of those I saw). Even after climax, I retained 40-50% of my erection for a good 20 minutes later. Hehehe... definitely gave me an feeling of being an "alpha male". The refractory period (the amount of time before I'm ready to go again) also was shortened. At my age (42), doing it twice in a day is great! Within an hour I was able to get fully hard and go a second time, with climax taking longer to achieve, with slightly less semen produced (about 2 ml). Your experience may vary, but I highly recommend this product if you have any libido issues. – user Abdominator*

4) Verified Forum User:: Both of these products are pretty solid (Ball Refill and Chainsaw). I ran a log on them and was pleased with the results. Increases are noticeable. I find these products to best suit a college student who wants to have fun with a lot of co-eds every night or your over 30 crowd who want to add a spark in the bedroom. –user thauncle*

5) Verified Forum User:: Chainsaw seems to be a good sex pill for the price. Ive tried it a couple times since using it, and it did seem to help quite a bit with getting in the mood faster. I did last longer than normal. I’m talking fast paced action for quite a while. It didn’t keep it up for an immediate second go like some other pills state, but I didn’t use Chainsaw on a regular basis to see if building it up in the system would help. Happy with the results overall. –user viciousvendetta*

6) Verified customer C.G. from FL: OMG I’m taking this everyday for 2 months and I have never been able to perform so many times in one night consistently. I think you guys really have an awesome formula with some really strong ingredients. I tried some other products that did not do a lot, Chainsaw is awesome!*

7) Verified customer Austin on Instagram (Oct 29):  I couldn't find anywhere to leave a review so I am messaging direct. You guys have got a great product here. I ordered the Chainsaw, Ball Refill and Black Snake and tried them for the first time last night and all I can say is WOW! My girl is already ordering me another 2 months worth. Definitely worth it! - user austn43*

8) Verified customer from Australia (Mar 20):  Hey Everyone My name is Dan I’m from Australia and this is my Review of the Vigor Male Multivitamin.  I’ve tried many men’s multivitamin products and usually they wouldn’t work for me as they mostly make me feel tired and drowsy as nothing seemed to work. But then I came across the Website Vigor Labs and I was unsure if would  this would work for me either  or would it be like another one of the products that I would throw away. But anyway I had to give it ago. And damn this stuff works especially for my sex life!!!  I now get Morning wood every morning! Which is awesome! I have not been sick at all. It’s been helping my fitness and work performance. That’s why I give Vigor Labs  a 5 out of 5! Would I shop with them again? absolutely! But not only they have great products but I love the Adult Performers  that review their products too!  Thankyou so much Vigor Labs! 

Gold Stack Users

1) G. Lopez, verified customer from US:  I have been using products from Vigor Labs and I gotta say that I am impressed. I noticed a difference almost immediately shortly after taking it for the first time. Its been 3 months now and the results have not changed. I still noticed that im lasting longer and im still big and firm.. Trust me you can definitely noticed the difference once you start taking products like the Gold Stack. Endurance is through the roof. My girlfriend is extremely happy with the results and how long im lasting. I definitely recommend vigor lab products to every male. You will be glad you made this decision.


Film Super Star Johnny Sins On Chainsaw!

Johnny Sins is a profesional film actor who is a sponsored performer that really does take this product according to several dealings with him. He loves Chainsaw!

*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

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