Does Stamina and Endurance Matter during Sex?

Published by Nelly Clarkson. Avid blogger, researcher, and writer. on Oct 20th 2020

In a sexual relationship, women hardly speak out on the whats and hows. What they expect out of sexual activity, we expect men to be sex experts, and when they don't satisfy us, it becomes a flaw we hardly overlook. Most men are often left to wonder and figure out what pleases us, but in as much as they have their ideas, they are repeatedly proven wrong. So what is it with women? Women, complicated creatures, right? But you love them the way they are. Most of us are not confident or even aggressive enough to say what we want during sex; call us shy, but we appreciate the effort men put in. There are many things we can overlook, but on behalf of the other women who are afraid to speak out, here is one that disturbs us greatly.

Stamina and endurance during sex.

Women take longer than men to have an orgasm. According to scientists, a man takes an average of five to seven minutes to have an orgasm. Thanks to adult films, some of us expect sex to last for hours, but let us cut the gents some slack; they are only human. Sex to women is mostly more than just physical involvement; it has something to do with the emotional participation; therefore, during sex, I want you to fill me up literally and quench my passionate thirst. Consequently, it is a process that takes time, and when during vaginal intercourse, a man ejaculates within the first minute, it leaves me sexually frustrated and angry. It is like walking in the scorching sun to find a water source, but after only taking the first sip, someone steps on the water, making it dirty and undrinkable. It is frustrating to leave me wanting more, not in the sexy way that some of you would like to contextualize it, but a feeling of deprivation forcing me to take matters into my own hands and satisfy myself.

Low stamina and endurance are major strains in a relationship, and they may make one feel very inadequate. Your partner might feel they lack in prowess and get disinterested easily. However, the good news is that there is a remedy for this lack of stamina and endurance in bed; you are not entirely hopeless. Some would like to attribute their lack of endurance to stress and exhaustion. Still, according to my research, sex is a stress reliever; if it's a reliever, shouldn't you be excited to have sex? If you have a low blood drive, you should visit the doctor. It is one thing to have an erection but another to maintain it. How do you maintain an erection?

It would be best if you exercised regularly. Exercises help improve cardiovascular health, meaning more blood flow, and you know what this means; more blood flow means the penis can maintain its hardness longer. Exercises improve your overall stamina. It would help if you also ate healthily; alcohol intake is often associated with low stamina, therefore eat a healthy and balanced diet to improve your stamina. You can also learn to control your orgasms and prevent low stamina by masturbating. While all these are good to satisfy your partner in bed, they may not be enough. Dietary supplements can fill the gap, which is why Vigor Labs recommends its supplement, Chainsaw™.

Chainsaw is a supplement that combines the power of the most potent blood stimulators in the market with great ingredients to elevate your performance. It contains a blend of naturally sourced ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe, and Cnidium to enhance erection by increasing blood flow and Rhodiola and Ginseng to keep you going strong all day and all night long. Chainsaw capsule is taken once a day, and this guarantee strength wherever, whenever, so hurry up and get yourself some Chainsaw, change your bedroom narrative.

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