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How do I take Vigor Labs Products? Whats the Best Way?

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We get this question a lot from our customers who take multiple products. 


Wrecking Balls

Black Antler

All 3 of these are great to take 30 minutes prior to workout and can be taken all at the same time.  If no workout you can take it anytime and they are not loaded with stimulants so you won't be up late. 

Taken on an empty stomach may improve nutrient uptake.

For our male enhancers:

Ball Refill


Black Snake

Try to take these 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.  If no activity you can take it at anytime.  Taken on an empty stomach may improve nutrient uptake.

Energy/Weight Loss Products:

Gut Cut

Cracked Energy

If you are sensitive to stimulants do not take these late in the day as they may keep you awake.  You can take them 30 min prior to workout or if no workout take them earlier in the day to curb your appetite and burn fat better.

If you take all of our products it is ok, simply keep these things above in mind and perhaps spread them out to different times of the day to improve nutrient uptake and get the most out of the products.