Maca Root: Pros, Cons, And FAQs

Maca Root: Pros, Cons, And FAQs

Published by Vigor Labs on May 19th 2021

At Vigor Labs, we enjoy letting our customers know about the origins and properties of the various ingredients found in our products. This time, we would like to let you know about maca root, a component that is part of our popular Ball Refill supplement, ideal for men who wish to make the most out of their sex lives.

What Is Maca Root?

Lepidium meyenii is a herb native to the Andean region of Peru; it is a herb that grows with a taproot similar to a turnip. It is traditionally dried and processed into flour. The Quechua people call this edible herb ayak chichira, and they have been using it as a traditional culinary ingredient for centuries. Ancient medicine practitioners recommend maca to help alleviate various conditions and improve health through a holistic approach.

Maca Root Advantages

To a certain extent, maca is a superfood loaded with an ideal balance of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and healthy metabolites. Maca can be harvested a couple of times a year, making it suitable for processing since it can be milled to last in dry storage conditions for long periods.

The unique nutrition content of maca promotes vigor, energy, and relaxation, which are all essential aspects of healthy sexual lives. Studies have determined that maca intake can help to improve adequate prostate function, which in turn allows in terms of semen production.

Maca Root Disadvantages

You would not want to subsist solely on maca root flour; it must be combined with other foods as part of a solid nutrition plan. Maca is not very tasty in and of itself, but it can blend nicely with quite a few other ingredients of Quechua cuisine.

Maca does not ferment well, so it has limited brewing use, although liquor made from distilled maca will surely warm you up during the harsh Andean winters. If you do not cook with maca flour, the best way to consume it is through products such as Ball Refill and Ball Refill Gold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maca Root?

The most common question about maca goes along the lines of purported aphrodisiac properties, which this root does not have, so the correct answer is that maca is not a psychoactive substance. Here are a couple of other questions:

Why Is Maca Called Peruvian Ginseng?

The root of this herb looks similar to ginseng, but it has different nutritional and medicinal properties. It is more nutritious than ginseng.

Can Maca Increase Libido?

Yes, but it will not directly turn you on. The metabolites of this root provide the energy and relaxation that you can perform when you are in the mood.

Would You Like to Know More About Maca Root? Inquire Further At Vigor Labs

Vigor Labs has spent ample time researching the health benefits of maca and how it assists with sexual function. Boost energy with our supplements, with natural sources.
Maca is just one of the many natural ingredients in our nutritional supplements, which are formulated to improve your lifestyle, and which can help you perform better in terms of fitness or intimacy by keeping you healthy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how our products can help you.

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