Sexual Benefits of Yohimbe for Men

Sexual Benefits of Yohimbe for Men

Published by Vigor Labs on Apr 6th 2021

With so many supplements and products touted as being effective in terms of improving sexual health, how can you tell which one is right for you? The key is to learn about the ingredients used in the formulation of the products. Supplements have active and secondary ingredients with certain properties to improve overall health. Yohimbe is a natural ingredient that can be used for various purposes, and one of them is to boost sexual performance.

Understanding the Sexual Benefits of Yohimbe

Yohimbe is extracted from the bark of Pausinystalia Johimbe, an evergreen tree species that grows easily near the equatorial regions of Western Africa. Ancient tribes held this tree in very high regard because it provided shade, firewood, and construction materials. Medicinal shamans were the first to discover certain vasodilation properties in the bark of the johimbe tree, which is why they prepared yohimbe tonics as aphrodisiacs.

The first thing to know about yohimbe is that it is not an aphrodisiac; it is actually a natural ingredient that inhibits the vasoconstriction process in the human body. Aphrodisiacs such as cacao beans stimulate responses that signal pleasurable emotions, which can in turn increase libido. The effect that can be elicited by yohimbe is not emotional; it is physiological, and it can potentiate the blood flow needed to stimulate erectile tissue.

Yohimbe is one of the active ingredients used in the formulas of the following three products offered by Vigor Labs:


This supplement is meant to be taken just like a vitamin: Once a day for maximum effect. The idea is to improve your circulation so that you will support your physiological processes involved in erections; as long as your libido is not constrained, yohimbe will work in your favor and will also help in terms of building stamina. You and your partner will certainly appreciate what Chainsaw can do for sexual health.

Ball Refill

Yohimbe is one of the ingredients in this special formula that promotes prostate health and increases the natural semen production process. While the male orgasm can sometimes be achieved with little or even no ejaculate, it is much better when you are operating with a full charge; your prostate is rewarded with a nice workout when the ejaculation is voluminous, and this is what Ball Refill will help you with.

Chainsaw Mint

You can definitely get an extra kick with one of these mint-flavored sublingual tablets, which are designed to melt under your tongue, and which will give you a quick boost of yohimbe. Chainsaw Mint comes in a portable, easy open bottle that easily fits in your pocket for when duty calls unexpectedly. You can also share Chainsaw Mint with your partner; some basic research has shown that improved circulation can make sex more pleasurable for women because they enjoy the hardening of their clitoral erectile tissue.

Learn More About Products containing Yohimbe Offered by Vigor Labs

If you have questions about yohimbe or about sexual enhancement through natural products, we invite you to contact Vigor Labs today. Please note that our catalog also includes supplements ideal for bodybuilding, nutrition, and general health.

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