The Great Benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3) in Men's Sexual Health

Published by Dr. Kiran Iqbal, MD. Blogger, Health Enthusiast and Researcher on Nov 19th 2020

Poor sexual performance in men can lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. When performance is concerned, usually the first thing that comes to mind is Viagra and other pharmacological options. Little known is the fact that performance can be effectively enhanced with the help of natural supplements and lifestyle modifications. By making simple changes, one can reduce anxiety, increase stamina, and improve the sexual relationship.

The overall general well-being has a great impact on sexual performance, as an unhealthy body is less likely to perform well in bed. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on your daily lifestyle. Taking a balanced diet having adequate calories and exercising regularly can be extremely beneficial. Both aerobic and resistance exercises are helpful. There are specific exercises too, meant to increase the stamina.

In addition to lifestyle changes, supplements can also be used to increase sexual ability. Taking vitamins and nutrient supplements for a particular condition not only treat that but also exert additional beneficial effects because of the presence of other compounds. This means a supplement does not only boost performance but also improves general health.

When coming to the selection of the right supplement, one should be well-aware of the ingredients in it. Considering the benefits of Niacin in sexual health, supplements such as ChainsawBall Refill, and Blacksnake, prepared by Vigor labs, are a safe option, as the key ingredient of these supplements is Niacin. The overall effects of these drugs are good, and there is no major toxicity seen, but it is good to seek the doctor's advice if there is a pre-existing medical condition.

Niacin, commonly known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, is an essential micronutrient required for many metabolic activities in the body including those which are essential for sexual health. It plays a major role in the promotion of sexual well-being because of multiple reasons.

  • Niacin is required for the production of adrenal hormones. Adrenal hormones are necessary for the healthy functioning of the reproductive system and maintaining homeostasis in the body. One of these important adrenal hormones is DHEA, which is a precursor to sex steroid hormones. Sex steroid hormones are responsible for all sexual activities in the body, and their reduction means adverse effects on sexual health. Niacin improves the decreasing level of the sex hormones, and thus indirectly improves sexual health too.

  • Niacin helps in quick sexual arousal. During a penile erection, the muscles need a good supply of oxygen so that they can contract for longer and maintain an erect posture. This means blood vessels around these muscles should have a good flow of blood for a prompt and prolonged erection. Niacin has vasodilating effects. It causes the vessels to dilate so the blood flow is adequate and erection is appropriate and prolonged.

  • Niacin helps improve erectile dysfunction. As explained earlier, a diminished blood flow to penis muscles disturbs the erection. In erectile dysfunction, the blood vessels around the penile muscles are narrow, so the blood flow is inadequate. This causes problems in proper erection and badly affects sexual health. With vessel dilating properties of Niacin, erectile dysfunction can be reversed. In a study*, when 160 men with erectile dysfunction consumed niacin supplement for 12 weeks, an appreciable improvement was noticed in their sexual performance.
  • As evident, making simple life style modifications can help you achieve a healthier sex life. However, it is important to note here, the aforementioned pieces of advice are to enhance general sexual well-being; for specific diseases such as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, it is recommended to consult your doctor in person for a definitive opinion. These tips are greatly helpful for otherwise healthy men, looking to improve their sexual vigor.

    Dr. Kiran Iqbal, MD

    Blogger, Health Enthusiast and Researcher

    *Effect of Niacin on Erectile Function in Men Suffering Erectile Dysfunction and Dyslipidemia. Chi‐Fai Ng, MD, Chui‐Ping Lee, PhD, Allen L. Ho, MBChB, Vivian W.Y. Lee, PhD. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. VOLUME 8, ISSUE 10, P2883-2893, OCTOBER 01, 2011

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