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Whether you’re just trying to get into shape or you are a high-performance athlete, you can always benefit from improving your nutrition beyond what your diet can provide you.

At Vigor Labs, we have worked with professional bodybuilders, dieticians and formulation experts to identify the best naturally sourced extracts and ingredients to help you achieve your fitness, muscle development, and bodybuilding goals.

Bodybuilding & Overall Fitness Supplements

Wrecking Balls and Black Antler both have something in common; namely, they can improve your overall health while also helping to increase power. In addition, they can support your natural semen production and help you improve your performance both at the gym and in the bedroom.

Black Antler contains genuine deer antler velvet, which widely believed to support muscle strength and development as well as improve joint health. Some competitive organizations have even banned the ingredient to ensure a fair level of competition. That’s not just a claim. Go take a look at the list of tested substances, because there are many competing organizations and judges out there that feel the effects of Deer Antler Velvet are so good it isn’t fair.

Gut Cut is perfect for anyone who is looking to burn carbohydrates and improve their ability to reduce fatty tissue in the body. Gut Cut may be ideal for those who exercise here and there and are just starting to get fit and want something that’s going to help them burn weight and start building lean muscle. The first few weeks of any workout program is when most men have the biggest opportunity to drop weight, because their bodies physically weigh more and therefore require additional calories to move around. Gut Cut is particularly appropriate during that time, by helping optimize the body’s ability to burn fat.

Supplements for Fitness & Lifting

Take a few moments to really consider your fitness goals. While you do want to be realistic, you also don’t want to shortchange yourself because you’re capable of really turning yourself around if you really want to. Once you have a handle on your needs, contact us via email at and our experts will help you find the most appropriate supplements to meet your goals.

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